Reining horse training is of extreme importance whenever a competition is around. It basically requires horses that are in tune and responsive with their riders. It also depends on the riders’ abilities to develop relationships with their horses. Normally, particular breeds are selected to participate in competitions because of their capabilities. And sliding stop is one of the primary maneuvers that a reining horse in training needs to practice. There are also several things that a trainer should become aware of when training his horse if he wants to become successful.

For instance, the posture of a rider and how he works the reins could affect his horse when it stops. These factors, however, could be controlled to change the total appearance, as well as, the success of a reining horse’s sliding stop maneuver. And the way the rider signals his horse to halt and how it is shod may also be controlled through reining horse training. On the other hand, the track and the natural ability of the horse to stop can not be controlled. The horse’s speed before the stop can not be controlled either. So, for such uncontrollable factors, practicing and learning strategies are all the trainer could do to improve his success rates.

Reining horse training is vital to help lessen the risks of injuring horses, as well; even if they already have the skills for sliding stops. Nonetheless, it is also important to practice on good grounds. Bad grounds could injure horses and they only make stopping difficult. So, it is recommended to loosen up the ground by adding shavings to it. This would improve it and make sliding easier. However, the trainer must ask his horse to slide when it is currently accelerating because its body is more suitable for sliding at this time.