Training a horse to lead could either be difficult or easy. The difficulty level relies on two primary factors, which are the horse’s size and the horse’s age. Obviously, if the horse is smaller and younger, it would be easier to be thought how to lead. But the necessary tools do not rely on the horse’s size. A trainer would commonly need a lead rope, a whip, and a halter. Nevertheless, the steps on how to train a horse to lead must be successfully done to have them that could be ridden.

First, the trainer should teach his horse to wear a halter. It may be bought in tack stores, horse supplies, or on the Internet. However, the trainer should go for a softer halter; because ordinary, cheap nylon could cause the horse to have injuries. Young horses, especially, have delicate skins. So, a hard and thin rope would do more damage compared to a soft and thick rope. Then, the trainer should gradually make the horse used to see and touching people. This step on how to train a horse to lead could be made easier if the trainer starts by rubbing near its face and having the halter introduced to the horse.

Then, he could start leading it around the field right behind the mare. He could put on the halter until they have reached their destination. These steps on how to train a horse to lead should continue until the horse becomes used to walking without the mare. And once they are weaned, the trainer should continue working on it to improve its manners. It is very important to teach a horse while it is young because it would carry its manners when it grows older.